Feel like you need to make a change in your life? Do it! Whether you have found your purpose, you feel you want more, you are finally going for that elusive goal, whatever the reason, it is always a fine time to create a new vision for you and your life – a re-vision!

One obvious area that we could all improve is our outlook on life and how we interact with others. In this world full of negativity and suffering, we need more beauty and positivity – we need more love! Approaching your day through a positive lens squashes stress and brings more happiness and joy. One way to do this is to be mindful of all that you appreciate. Finding gratitude in each moment – even those tough ones – helps overcome negativity. And then the move to positivity is easier.

I recently made the decision to live my life in a ‘beautiful state’ which means I am choosing to live in positive emotions such as gratitude and love. I know I will be challenged, but I am committed to overcome those as quickly as possible and move back into gratitude and love. I even shared this formally with an accountability partner. Coach Glitz recently posted this: “In my New Year I will serve more people than I ever dreamed possible because my spirit calls me to. I will continue to break the mold provided to me through expectation, “societal norms”, etc. so that I can set a new standard for what it means to be a citizen of this fine country but more importantly as a human being.”

You may feel you are on track with where you are in your life, and that is great! You don’t have to feel a need to make a change to re-vision. Maybe you can just amp up what you are already doing. Coach Glitz posted this challenge: “Reflect on your purpose and legacy, how it can affect your communities, and what you can do to make it bigger than it’s ever been starting tomorrow. Be brave, be bold, use your talents, and be a leader as only you can be!”

We are re-visioning ourselves at Uninhibited Wellness. We are still going to offer our outstanding coaching and chefing programs and amazing spirit adventures, but we are going to offer even more value targeted specifically at a very important group of people! Stay tuned for the reveal of our updated messaging and promotions, and as always contact us if we can help you!

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