New Year’s Eve/Day is a popular time of year for many people to make a new resolution. People often find inspiration during this time to refocus on things they know they should do for themselves: quitting smoking, losing weight, fixing the crippled muscle car sitting in the garage, etc.

The truth is any day can be that day to begin monumental change! Importantly so, we must think about this deeply, whatever the change may be. We must come to a spiritual consensus within ourselves to determine just what it is we want to accomplish, this is where we create our intentions!

Intention, it is the energy behind our choices. Without intention, our results are generally less desirable. I tried to quit smoking on several occasions. Each time, it was simply an idea of what I should do for myself, because I know better, because I am an intelligent man, because I want to be able to run around with my son and be a better role model. While these are all valiant reasons, they were not the result of deep contemplation, I did not own these reasons, they were simply reasons influenced by my parents, friends, and decades of research that said smoking is bad for me. None of that was good enough. They were everyone else’s intentions for me, but not by me.

Six years ago, the time to quit again was coming, knowing that all I did in the past to quit didn’t work, I took a step back and realized this simple truth; I am the creator of whatever future I have, and today I dedicate the rest of my life to my betterment! (This will be a recurring theme in my posts.) I started (or quit) that day, and never looked back!

Folks, you hold the power, the answers, the determination, the fight!  When will you open the eye to your soul and realize that you can accomplish anything? Where’s your fight? Where’s your determination? When will you RISE up and take a stand for yourself? Why not today? Why not tomorrow?

If you’re waiting for New Year’s Day to make a change for your greater good, you probably don’t see the importance of that change, and though you may start it, odds are good you won’t follow through with it.

Try this exercise with yourself:

1) Recognize the issue at hand, and the solution
2) Contemplate what the change will entail (logistics, money, help)
3) Go deep, meditate on it, and realize what you really want to accomplish, why do you want it, and do you mean it?
4) Pick your start date, and mark it on the calendar, mark off the days as it approaches keeping your goal in mind. Single pointed focus (this is what I am doing, and I will see it through!)
5) Charge forth, you are the warrior, the master, the war machine who will let nothing stand in the way of your well-being!

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