We are all about living life uninhibitedly at Uninhibited Wellness – but what does that mean? Here’s an article that we wrote for the Women of Denver magazine!

Most of us have grown up living our lives according to what we were taught by our families and in school, which was likely to live up to the norms considered “acceptable” in our communities and society. However, many of us struggle with this if we find that it does not match who we really are authentically, and it therefore inhibits our growth and happiness.

When we break out of the mold and live uninhibitedly (i.e., expressing our true selves without constraint), we become more empowered to have the wellness, success, and happiness we are striving for. Our lives can be so much more fulfilling and impactful when we pursue an uninhibited life. Here are five ways to do that.

  1. Keep an open mind! Remember that there are many ways of achieving the same result. Reserve judgement for discovering what’s right for you…not what’s right for everyone else. Turn the spotlight you hold on yourself and begin your discovery of self! There’s a whole universe IN there!
  2. Blaze your own trail! You don’t have to walk in someone else’s shoes or shadow to find your greatness! It’s healthy to have mentors and role models as well as a base of knowledge to start from, but our conditioning tells us that we must act a certain way and be a certain way…but what’s YOUR way?
  3. Let go! Sometimes it’s a matter of forgiving someone who hurt you, and sometimes it’s a matter of forgiving one’s self. Find the truth, have heavy and hard conversations with the players in your life and find out what the REAL story is; you may even discover that there is no one who needs forgiveness!
  4. Lean into your fears! Fear is an instinctual mechanism which tells us to beware, to fight, to run, and to play dead. We are generally far removed from life or death situations in which it was a life saver to have such a mechanism. We are often afraid of public speaking, enclosed spaces, dogs, heights, social interactions and much more. Sometimes professional help is needed, but many often figure it out for themselves. Do you experience excitement living in your comfort zone? Challenge yourself and allow for some discomfort; you may find yourself downright exalted and living with a new set of limits!
  5. Express yourself with authenticity! People pleasing, not setting personal boundaries, allowing yourself to be taken advantage of are sure ways of stifling the very essence of who you are! It’s hard to reset the perception of yourself which others have witnessed for so many years, but people CAN change, and you can be one of them! This requires bravery, patience, and empathy, of which I’m certain you are 3 for 3! Use your voice and ask for support if you need it!

Some or all of these can seem daunting, and the great news is that you are not alone! There are groups, classes, professionals, forums, blogs, books, research, and articles which can help you propel yourself towards a life lived uninhibitedly. Coach Susan will be talking about this at the Women of Denver quarterly networking event on December 2nd – come listen and then practice! Remember, you are worth it!

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