Statistics show that mental, physical and emotional health are all decreasing, and happiness in people is low. As a population, we are stressed, impatient, and struggling. So it’s no surprise that wellness is becoming increasingly important to people.

What each of us need for our wellness differs based on our history, our DNA, our habits, our beliefs, and what we enjoy. There are hundreds of different options available to be more well – from acupuncture to zang fu theory. You can explore these various methods online, but it can be hard to know what a treatment is or if it will be a match for you and your health.

The good news is there are easy ways to quickly sift through all of the information. There are conferences where different providers discuss what they do and the benefits. And if you can’t take the time or have the money to attend one, there are online forums doing the same thing. For example, You Define Wellness that is a network of various wellness providers is offering a free online confab (different forms of conversations, each 20 minutes) where over 50 providers will talk about their specialties – you can join live or if registered, listen to/watch whatever after the confab is over. For more information, see: https://youdefinewellness.com/dwc2019/.

There are also expos where you can learn about businesses from the providers as well as experience or test some of the methods there – these can sometimes be like a spa day at a comprehensive wellness center! We are hosting an expo for the holidays – the Happy Healthy Holiday Expo on November 2nd at the Jeffco Fairgrounds in Golden, CO. For more information, see: https://uninhibitedwellness.com/happy-healthy-holiday-expo/.

The wellness industry is trying to make it easier to find the information you need quickly to get your wellness journey moving forward. So take advantage of what is out there and get well!

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