Adventure is defined as an unusual and exciting, possibly hazardous, experience or activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm; it is the exploration of unknown territory. Its origins are in the Latin ‘adventurus’ (i.e., about to happen) from ‘advendire’ (i.e., to arrive). Adventure is rooted in something happening that helps us arrive at a destination. Anytime we want to try something new or make a change, we step into a daring, exciting activity. Living our lives often requires the exploration of unknown territory; it requires adventure.

Adventure gets you out of your comfort zone. It is a catalyst for growth. Because it stretches you, it moves you forward personally and professionally. Adventure has been shown to have numerous positive outcomes. It can change how you perceive obstacles in your path, give you more courage, help you feel more empowered, make you appreciate more in your life, increase your leadership skills, improve your relationships, and help heal wounds and change beliefs you may have.

Adventure is a means to achieving success in your personal life and in your business. So more adventure will bring more success! Here are 4 ways to increase adventure in your life.

  • Adopt an adventure mindset. It’s easy to get trapped into the grind of everyday happenings in the workplace; after all we see the same people, spend time putting out fires, attend meetings, etc. How would you perform differently if you shifted your mindset to one of an adventurer? Being bold, exploring unique solutions, engaging your clients and co-workers with new energy and enthusiasm….if your mindset changes, outcomes will too!
  • Try something for the first time. Remember that you ARE on your grand adventure! This is your life, and every day has new potential for discovery and new experiences. What do you shy away from because it’s not in your wheelhouse? Get curious and stay open to learning AND to making mistakes! The key is to get moving on it even if you don’t have a plan – there are bound to be obstacles but you’ll figure them out.
  • Get an adventure buddy. We all need a support system. Bonnie had Clyde, Crockett had Tubbs, Thelma had Louis, Agent J had Agent K, and Rocket had Groot. A friend can give you courage to stretch your boundaries. Having a “partner in crime” can add fuel to the creative fires that may take you way outside the box which is where the real progress can happen!
  • Travel somewhere. Get outta dodge! Use your vacation time; it’s there for a reason! Taking a trip – even if short and relatively close by – can give you a monumental shift in your perspective which is sometimes the greatest aid to finding new and amazing ways of doing business and living in a manner that inspires your daily adventure back home.

So put down this magazine and do something new! Step out of your comfort zone and accelerate the achievement of a goal. If you need a nudge with this, contact us – we’re experts in adventure and how it can impact your life. We can point you to adventure experiences that could work for you to increase your success in life and work!

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