Wine, one of our few great collaborations with nature, is to be savored and cherished.

~Coach Glitz

I had the pleasure of visiting two wineries near Verona, Italy. If I had any expectations of what I would experience, they were quickly dissolved as I walked through the door of the first winery. The front hallway, which ran alongside an aging room. The pungent, yet quite pleasing aromas of cherry, currant, raisin, must, and woody earthiness filled my brain with delight. In that moment, my expectations were a slate wiped clean.

Serego-Alighieri – a property (turned winery) purchased in 1353 by Dante Alighieri’s (author of Dante’s Inferno) son Pietro, is run by Dante’s last living descendant. Knowing this, seeing, and sensing the age of the building alone I felt a new appreciation for what real tradition means. The tour brought me closer with the winemaking tradition and renewed my love for the grape and all of its wonderful intricacies. Our tasting was enlightening as Coach Susan (our traveling sommelier) guided us through the flavors in the different varieties.

Zonin – our second tour was less about the winemaking process and more about the companies history, which is long and rich, but the real treat was in the tasting room. This was more entertaining than a high-end broadway musical production. We walked into the tasting room which had been prepared for the four us with white linen plates of fresh cheese and meat, and of course wine glasses. We had the honor of sitting with Franco (one of the stakeholders) who was incredibly generous and intent on making sure we tried every variation we discussed. The most amazing influence on our experience, however, was Gabriel. Gabriel, the sommelier at Zonin, was energetic, enthusiastic, animated, and passionate beyond words! From choosing the proper glass to proper storage, where the different flavors hit your palate, to why chocolate is a delicious pairing in some instances. He would get in my face to make sure I was using proper technique and to coax answers out of me about what I was experiencing.

Wine starts with the soil, then the variety of grape cultivated, climate, weather, altitude, pruning, picking, drying, pressing, aging, aging, aging, and more which I’m certain I’ve left out. You see, the grape, a globe of sugary deliciousness sprouting out of a woody vine, is beautiful all on its own. To make a fine wine, though, it takes understanding, wisdom, skill, passion, focus, and intention.

Wine much like our lives, taking the time to understand what’s happening inside, learning, taking corrective action, loving, passion, caring, reflecting, and intention, is essential to allowing ourselves to age with grace and beauty. Finding love and passion for ourselves is key, and not always easy. But that’s what makes the wine of you that much more delicious.

Take the time to listen, taste, feel, hear, and see yourself. Don’t assume a wine is simply a wine, when there is so much to consider through its life. Don’t assume the land in which you cultivate your spirit can’t be amended and made strong again.

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