How often do you say to others, “I’m too busy” or “Let me see what my calendar says”, or a more curt “Take a number”? How many times have you had to say that to yourself? You may rarely give yourself the opportunity to consider it, but taking time for yourself is an important practice to maintaining a healthy mind and a more balanced schedule (and oh, the myriad of fringe benefits)!

I know those who say they wouldn’t even know what to do with themselves if they had scheduled an hour to take some “ME” time. I’d like to offer to you that you don’t actually have to do anything! Merely setting an hour aside every week, dedicated to just you, with no pretense of getting things done can help you feel more refreshed and focused to take on your enormous checklist of stuff!

Have you ever asked yourself, “How important is this?” Simply checking in with yourself when it feels like everything is pressing on you and you feel like you couldn’t possibly take time for yourself could afford that opportunity! What’s important? Laundry? Cleaning the house for the fifth time this week? Taking after hours business calls? That’s for you to determine, but choosing your priority is the key. Then if you decide that all these things are too important for you to give up, I’d like for you to ask yourself another question: Why haven’t I made myself a priority?

Self-abandonment is a real thing! I’ve dealt with this for a very long time and have only recently begun to wrap my brain around it! Self-abandonment will extinguish your passion, will create resentment, and will make your life far more stressful than it needs to be! You’re worth it! Make yourself a priority!

So schedule that time! Stop reading this, take out your calendar, and schedule yourself some “ME” time! Go read a book! Meditate! Run! Dance naked to Maroon 5! Walk the dog! Breathe! Do something real, do something healthy for yourself! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What’s your best method for scheduling some “ME” time? Post below!!!

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