We recently conducted a one hour workshop on the basics of wellness.  We introduced the idea of wellness and all of its different aspects.  Wellness is about being in good health, but it is not just about one thing (e.g., your physical health) – there are seven dimensions to wellness!

  • Spiritual wellness concerns your feeling of purpose in the world and if you have a source of spiritual guidance.
  • Intellectual wellness is about whether you are mentally stimulated and challenged.
  • Whether you are happy in your career and find meaning in your work is occupational wellness.
  • Emotional wellness is being open to feeling your emotions as well as expressing them.
  • If you are fit, well-rested and your body feels good, then you are likely physically well.
  • Sexual wellness is your openness to sexual experiences and communicating what you desire to your partner.
  • Social wellness concerns your relationships – are you comfortable around others and do you have strong connections.

All of these aspects are impacted by and impact the others.  If one is “off” then it can impact the others.  For example, if you are not getting enough rest (physical), then you may feel more negative emotions and may not have much energy to put into decisions you make (intellectual).  If you are unhappy/frustrated with your job (occupational), you may carry frustrations home to your family (social) and may question your purpose in life (spiritual).  In order to be well overall, you need to find balance among all of the aspects.  This doesn’t mean working on all of them all the time.  It is important to recognize the impacts so that you can concentrate on improving the dimensions that need it.

The beauty of your wellness is that YOU are in charge.  You can make changes and take control of your wellness.  The first step is to recognize the choices you are making and be conscious of them as you make them.  Remember that wellness is a journey, not a destination – it is a practice which means you have to work on it regularly.  Everyone’s starting line is different as are everyone’s goals – try not to compare yourself to others.  Be kind to yourself along the way – change is hard and you will sometimes stumble along the way.  And find support through family, friends or community groups when you need help or encouragement.

Need help but you aren’t sure where to turn?  Hire a coach – they provide the encouragement and tools to help you accomplish your goals.  You can find more details on coaching here or contact us for a free consultation.  We are here for you!

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