Group Life Coaching

Uninhibited Wellness provides our clients with life changing group programs (essentially group coaching) dedicated to your personal development.

In a supportive environment, the group will work together to help you face life’s challenges such as relationships, nutrition, career, health, communication, spirituality, self-care, sexuality, and much more.  We’ve provided some basic information on programs we currently offer and the process you can expect when working with a group.

The Warrior Man Projectwarrior-man-project-logo-orange

The Warrior Man Project is a community dedicated to helping men discover and reclaim their divine masculinity so they may lead more fulfilling lives.

Men often journey through life feeling as though they’re missing something big.  Here’s why: Men are often raised with very basic and substandard ways of how to be men, all while being thrust into school or the job market without having a handle on what really matters.  Men are taught to be emotionless and strong, and to fake it if they’re not. What we’re not taught is how to fill the ever-present void.  We all feel it, and we commonly try to ignore it or numb it instead of addressing that it is there for a reason; it’s there because we haven’t found OUR reason.  We will explore specific topics designed to put you on a path, YOUR path, where you will find a passion for the life you never thought you’d have!

“A great program. Stephen was not only a gracious host and incredible cook, but was able to truly develop a new attitude for me going forward. To know where you have come from, and acknowledge occurrences in your past that may affect your present, and be able to confront those and come to terms with them so they are not able to control my life is awesome. Through our group, I feel I have grown, and I now understand my own truth of who I am, what I deserve in life and what I have to offer.

I think it is easy as a man to sometimes feel beat down, and feel like that you are at the mercy of others. With this program, it is hard not to feel that you are the person in control of your own self, and by understanding why you may feel the way you do, you are given the tools to understand and build on how you can regain that control of your life.”

D.S. (male client)

Warrior Man Project

unleashing-your-feminie-power-logo-orangeUnleashing Your Feminine Power

Unleashing Your Feminine Power is a supportive community dedicated to helping each other discover/reclaim their divine femininity to lead more passionate and powerful lives!

Women are often raised feeling like they have to be masculine to prove themselves. We learn that being feminine is weak, and that we don’t really have a voice. We then fight for our independence and work to do everything ourselves without asking for help. We’re wired to give and please, which means we spend our time giving to and pleasing everyone else first. This exhausts and frustrates us and can translate to feeling like we’re not good enough because we don’t have the energy to be “on” for everyone all of the time. We all feel it, and we commonly try to ignore it or numb it instead of addressing that we need to honor ourselves and unleash the true power of the feminine goddess within us! We will explore specific topics designed to further you on YOUR path, where you will find a passion and confidence for the life you want to live!

“This spring I had the pleasure and life expanding experience of Unleashing Your Feminine Power. I knew I needed to do some “unleashing.” I knew Susan was the perfect person to support and encourage me throughout the process, and I was right. After spending most of my adult years as a professional and expressing myself as a competent professional and succeeding as one, I began to NOT experience my softer side enough, and some days it felt as if I did not experience my softer side at all. Susan (and our team of supportive participants) made it possible for me to admit this to myself without getting down on myself and then identify ways and the tools I had available to experience and express my softer side. I feel as a result, I am more balanced and expressive of my whole self.

L.D. (female client)

“Unleashing Your Feminine Power was a great self-discovery experience. I learned about who I am and how to better relate to others in my life through program discussions as well as ongoing discovery on my own time. Susan is a great facilitator, providing a safe, comfortable environment for sharing.

L.T. (female client)

How does it work at Uninhibited Wellness?

Uninhibited Wellness Process

Group programs take place in person over a three month period.  Program sessions are scheduled every other week on the same evening.  The process starts as shown with your decision to explore a program followed by a FREE introductory consultation with one of our coaches to discuss your needs and your vision for your best self.  We will work together to decide what program is best for you.  Once you decide a group program is right for you and your journey, we will register you to start your program.

How much does a group program cost?

The cost of a group program depends on your goals and involvement in any other programs we offer.  During your FREE consultation, we will determine together what is best for you to accomplish your goals.  If you have not experienced group coaching before, then you don’t yet know the incredible return on investment working with a community such as one of these will have on your life!

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